Season 1, Episode unknown
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Written by Adam Weissmen
Directed by Jim Gerkin
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Charlie In Charge Girl Bites Dog

Gabe's friends come over for a sleepover. Meanwhile, Teddy prepares for an important role in the school play, PJ tries to start eating healthier so he doesn't get fat after nightmares about gaining weight and facing the problems of childhood obesity, and Charlie refuses to sleep in her first "big girl" bed.

Episode SummaryEdit

Gabe gets excited about having his first sleepover with his friends Jeremy Xander and Liam. Teddy tries out for an important role in a school play. Charlie gets her first big bed but won't sleep in it. Teddy ends up with scribbles all over her face on the day of the auditions. Pj in the meantime tries to eat healthy but gets it at the end. In the end the family eventually dismantle Charlie's big girl bed much to her delight. In her video Diary Teddy says that she got the role of the beast,Charlie is going back to her crib (since Bob has to buy a new one) and Pj says about his advice to eat healthy. Gabe gets invited to 3 sleepovers while Bob get's invited to two of them just to impersonate Frankenstein.

End CreditsEdit

Gabe and his friends are doing another sleepover, suddenly they here zombie sounds, they see that it isn't Bob, they turn around and see that it's a real zombie, Gabe, Bob, and the children panic and run away, soon the zombie sits down on the couch and changes the channel to the monkey show, the zombie says, "Oh, those crazy monkeys".




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Good Luck, CharlieEdit

Charlie's LinesEdit

Teddy: Charlie, do you like your new bed?

Charlie: No, no.

Amy: Come on, Charlie. Let's look at your new bed. You'll love it.

Charlie: No.

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Background InformationEdit

  • First episode where Charlie has extended dialogue.

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  • March 12, 2011 (Disney Channel Poland)




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