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When Teddy discovers that she has a great uncle named Mel who Bob refuses to talk about, she and Ivy visit his retirement home and decide to take him to a baseball game. Gabe and PJ invite a photographer to take pictures of Charlie, against their mom's orders.

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Teddy finds out that she has a great-uncle named Mel (Blake Clark) on her father's side, but also learns that they don't speak to each other anymore. So she and Ivy go to meet Uncle Mel to find out what happened. After they meet she learns that he loves baseball. He convinces Teddy to sneak him out of the nursing home. When they go to a baseball game, Teddy learns that Uncle Mel loves baseball a little too much when he causes quite a ruckus, including after he moons the team on the JumboTron and the police get involved. Meanwhile, PJ and Gabe meet a photographer who offered to pay them $100 to use Charlie as a baby model and do it behind Amy's back after she says no.

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  • "Swany River"



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Charlie does not speak yet.

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  • This episode was watched by 3.5 million viewers.

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  • July 17, 2010 (Disney Channel Poland)




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